Preacher Byrum Sturgill

Preacher Sturgill’s Dream

During the fall of 1943, after he had been asked by Mr. & Mrs. Blevins about coming to WV to preach and to possibly start a church there, Brother Sturgill was very troubled and sought the Lord’s will about the matter. It was during this time of seeking God that he had an unusual dream.

He remembered walking up a long hill and reaching the top. Here he could see fo miles. He looked down the side he came up and knew that it was home, with beautifully situated farms and cultivated croplands. He looked down the other side and saw a large field unkept and all grown over with thorns and briers.

On waking, he knew that the uncleared field was WV and that was where the Lord wanted him to go. So, he went to WV and took on the task of clearing that field.

A number of years after seeing a great move of God and hundreds of souls saved in the WV field, Bro Sturgill thought perhaps his work there was done.

Again, he sought the Lord, and again he had that dream. He walked up the hill and looked over. He saw the field, but to his surprise, it was only half cleared. He knew his work was not done. More revivals followed, and more souls were saved. It was a real harvest.

Then, finally, in 1960, some 17 years later, Bro Sturgill had the dream the third and last time. As both times before, he walked up the hill and looked over at the field. This time, the field was all cleared except for two little stalks right at the edge of the field.

The following weekend was his regular appointment in WV. He preached on Saturday night, and again on Sunday morning. At the close of his sermon, an invitation was given. A young couple came forward. It was Mr. and Mrs. Blevins young son and his wife, the 2 little stalks in his dream.

His work was done, and on June 18, 1960, he resigned as pastor of Longpoint Missionary Baptist Church, Anawalt, WV.

Reverand Byrum Sturgill’s Last Farewel at LMBC

The following words were tape recorded at LMBC sometime very near the end of his pastorate. The tape was provided by Mr. J.C. Parks of Thorpe, WV.

“May God bless you. And if I never meet you again down here, I want you to meet me when life is over.
And at any time that any of you can come down home where I live: Now, we’ve got a few ‘taters, and we’ve got a few parsnips, and we’ve got a few apples, and we can always fix a little meal.  If you come down, we’d be glad to have you. And may God Bless you is my prayer.”


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