The Mendez Family

The Mendez Family

Jovannie, Helen, Jisrael

Jovannie Mendez

Greater Vision Baptist Bible Church
G.Pepito St. Tayud Lilo an Cebu,
Philippines 6002


Phone: (304) 210-5589

Independent Baptist Mission for Asians
103 Masonic Park Road
PO Box 912
Marietta, OH 45750

(740) 374-5478/ (740) 373-8915

I’m Jovannie Mendez a missionary to the Philippines in the Island of Cebu and the people called the Queen City of the South because of it historic and best scenery places.

I’m married to Helen Apostol and God bless us with a child I call his named Jisrael.

I grow up in a broken family, my father left us when I was 8 years old. I have 2 brothers. In the every young age I learn to do hard work in order to earn money to help my mother because my mother is just a plain house wife. I had so many questions come to mind every young age. The question that was nailed to my mind is what is our future or tomorrow because the father of the house left us, who will provide for food, in our schooling and etc. I don’t really remember that my father gave me a gift when my birthday comes. Gift is a very big deal to me. It is shameful to me to that my earthly father is the same name of Jesus but we pronounced in our own dialect is Hesus. I never forget the month and years when I meet my Saviour Jesus Christ. It was Christmas Vacation I received Him as my Lord and Saviour and He gives me a gift that was long for eternity, the eternal life (Romans 6:23).
I become a

Son of the King
Servant of the King
Soldier of the King

And preaching and teaching Jesus the only Hope of this Life.

God gave me the opportunity to lead my 2 brothers in the Lord.

I know now who hold our tomorrow.

God is really good and faithful He gives me the opportunity to study in Marietta Bible College in Marietta Ohio, USA. Taking an Advance Biblical Theology in Church Planting. In the Administration of Dr. Myron Guiler. And giving me the opportunity also to visit some churches in America that is in the same practices and beliefs. To have friends and partners in laboring God’s vineyard. Every people is a mission field.

The Bible says, Pray ye therefore the Lord of the Harvest that he will send forth labourers into His harvest(Matt.9:38,Luke 10:2).

I will go to a place and build a church where Jesus is not hear. Specially to those who are destroyed by the Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda that was early of November 2013.

Philippines is in great need of:

PRAYER – because in every year average 20 typhoons come in the Philippines and 3-5 typhoons will devastated our country. Our government is corrupt that is why we are in the included to a 3rd world country.
PREACHERS – because in every typhoons that will hit our land many people die without hope. To preach that the only Hope is Jesus, the way of salvation and truth.
PARTNERS – because in doing such ministries we need aid or help of somebody to lift us when we are fallen and we see that from the past history of the Philippines to have our own freedom from the Japanese bondage.

Includes me and my family in your prayer that God will provide our needs and the ministry that He entrusted us. Because God is not done yet in saving the lost. God called me and burdened me to reach them. Can you go with me in prayers and partnership?

I’m praying for 1,500 individuals that will help me a $1 every month. For me it it impossible get a 1,500 individuals, but I have the God of heaven that do the impossible (Luke 1:37).

Be apart in reaching the lost souls for Christ in the Island of Cebu. Your $1 monthly support will count for eternity. God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love. (Heb.6:10)


I believe that the Bible is the verbal and plenary inspired Word of God. (1Tim.3:16, 1Pet.1:23) KJB

I believe in God, the supreme eternal being, the source and beginning of all things, absolute in His attributes existing in Trinity.
(Gen.1:1, 2; Psalms 53:1)

I believe in the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, in His deity, His sinless life and vicarious death and resurrection. I believe in His pre-millennial return. (Romans 9:5, Phil.2:5-11)

I believe in the person of the Holy Spirit. I believe that He indwells the believers and empowers them for service. (John 16:7-13, Acts 5:3, 4)

I believe that man was created by God in His image and by his own personal choice fell into sin and is under condemnation. (Gen.1:26, 27; Romans 3:10-23)

I believe that salvation is wholly by grace and that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation. (John 3:16, Acts 16:30-31)

I believe those who believed and received the Jesus Christ as personal Saviour are saved and the security of the believers rests upon the finished work of Christ on the Cross of Calvary. (1John 5:11-13, John 10:28)

I believe in the blessedness of the saved in heaven and the eternal punishment of the lost in hell of eternal fire. (Luke 16:19-31)

I believe that the New Testament Church is a congregation of baptized believers by immersion, practicing New Testament principles, holding forth its doctrine, observing its ordinances, exercising its autonomy and proclaiming Christ’s Gospel. (Matt. 16:16-18)

I believe in personal separation and ecclesiastical separation. I take a stand against any trends in doctrine and practice which leads to discrediting the Bible and undermining the Fundamentals of Faith.

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