Sold Out To God


Donald Farmer, III, preached a message on Sunday morning, March 13, 2016, titled “Sold Out To God” at Long Point Missionary Baptist Church. That message, taken from Matthew chapter 4 and Luke chapter 5, can be seen or heard here.

“And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all, and followed him.” Luke 5:11

Why the disciples “Sold Out to God”:

  1. They saw His preaching.
  2. They saw His predictions.
  3. They saw their partners.
  4. They saw His provision.
  5. They saw His power.
  6. They saw His plan.
  7. They saw the payout.

Watch or listen to “Sold Out To God” to learn more about how and why the disciples sold out to God and why we should, also.

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